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QMF-vkontakte project

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The project goal is add support VKontakte service into Qt Messaging Framework (QMF).

See official page for more detailed end user information.


  • Project plan. Project timeline.
  • Download. Links to download and install software.
  • Contact. This page describes how to contact with us.



  • Project requirements. This page describes common requirements for qmf-vkontakte project.
  • Design. Some notes about plugin structure and process states.
  • Architecture. This page contains plugin architecture and used structure.
  • Source code. Information about source code repository.
  • Packaging. This page describes project packaging and contains useful links.
  • Documentation. Manual of qmf and plugin installation and using.
  • Bug Reports. If you have bugs and suggestions then project bugtracker and mailing list will be useful.
  • TODO. Some notes about future changes.


Источник — «http://oss.fruct.org/wiki/Qmf-vkontakte»

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