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Project category: Location-based services/Environmental care

Application description: Firepoint application helps keep track of fires all over the world using Google Maps and up-to-date information on current outbreaks of fire, resulting from FIRMS.

In addition, the application teaches you to be cautious: looking at comic strips "How to behave during a fire" and "How not to cause a fire", you gain the necessary knowledge for proper behavior in a forest.

The main use case: User launches the Firepoint application and browse fires near place of visit. Walking the forest, user finds a fire. User launches application, determine his/her position and reports to emergency about new fire.

List of the main features:

  • Worldwide map with fire points
  • Map's flags clusterization
  • GPS or approximately location determination
  • Educational comic strips
  • Nearest fires detecting and warning
  • Reporting about new fires

Required equipment: Mobile smartphone with Qt supporting, Nokia Asha series, Android devices.

Project manager: Kirill A. Kulakov, PetrSU

Project web page: https://redmine.cs.karelia.ru/projects/firepoint

License: The application is an open-source software and distributed under the terms of GNU GPL version 2 license

Availability: After the release the application will be available for free download and use from the project page and Nokia Store.

List of related publications:

  1. Sofronova I., Timonin A., Kalinin A., Troshkov A., Borodin A., Kulakov K. Firepoint: Application for Identified Fires Notification // Proceedings of 11th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT (FRUCT11) — Saint-Petersburg: SUAI, 2012. — Pp. 164-168.

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