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Mobile Arrhythmia Detector

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Project category: Mobile healthcare

Application description: Mobile Arrhythmia Detector is an application for heart function monitoring of a patient. It provides a connection between wearable cardiac monitor, patient and doctor. It is developed for smartphones with OS Symbian. Currently the application works in connection with Alive Bluetooth ECG and Activity Monitor. In the case of arrhythmia detection the user is warned. In emergency case the application can make a call or send a SMS automatically to doctor or relatives.

Cardiovascular diseases are among most significant reason of death in the Region and world. Therefore it is necessary to support continuous monitoring of heart functions. Holter monitor used in Russian medicine is very uncomfortable since it is heavy device and it requires skilled doctor’s help. Consequently it can’t be used for long term monitoring. Compact digital device and smartphone with special software are more convenient solution. It allows speeding up a processing of cardio data and initial detection of heart problems.

The main use case: User sets up two electrodes to the chest and switches heart monitor on. Next user runs the Mobile Arrhythmia Detector app. The heart monitor transmits ECG data to the app using Bluetooth connection. The app analyzes the signal and extracts its morphological features. On the base of these data the app decides whether the anomalies occur. If the arrhythmia was detected the user is warned and the SMS can be sent to the relatives or to the doctor depending on app settings.

List of the main features:

  • ECG processing algorithms are constructed with respect to smartphone's battery life
  • The app can transmit pieces of ECG with abnormalities in compressed form
  • The app works with Alive Heart Monitor
  • Currently the tachycardia and bradycardia are confidently detected
  • Some ventricular arrhythmias are detected with high probability

Required equipment: Symbian^3 smartphone, wearable cardiac monitor

Project manager: Alexander V. Borodin, PetrSU

Project web page: https://redmine.cs.karelia.ru/projects/mad

Availability: After the release the application will be available for free download and use from the project page and Nokia Store.

License: The application is open source software and distributed under the terms of GNU GPLv2 license. The libCardioZip library can be downloaded and used separately under the terms of GNU LGPLv2 license.

List of related publications:

  1. "A Cross-platform ECG Compression Library for Mobile HealthCare Services". Paper and presentation accepted for FRUCT11 conference.
  2. "Mobile Arrhythmia Detector". Abstract and demo accepted for FRUCT11 conference.

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